WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Why regular maintenance?

Constant maintenance of any site is crucial to avoid nasty surprises like a hacked website with down-ranking in Google and lost customers as a result. New weaknesses are constantly found and as they are fixed in new versions of the software your sites needs to be updated to avoid getting exploited.

One-click updates?

Updating WordPress, your theme and plugins is just a matter of clicking the Update button? Yes and no. That can work, but in some cases there will be an incompatibility between different plugins, WordPress or your theme. The incompatibility might be of a nature that takes down your whole site and will need to get resolved before things can get back to normal. Are you the person who can resolve it? If not, we’re here to help!
Please check our website maintenance plans below and do contact us if you have any questions.



Our pricing is very affordable for any serious business who needs help with the technical issues of running a website.


Basic business site
  • All Software Updated (WP, themes, plugins)
  • Full Backup
  • Basic test after Updates


E-commerce or membership site
  • All features of Basic+Silver
  • Staging Site With Signoff Before going Live
  • Security Check with Malware Scan
  • Basic SEO Issue Check
  • Speed Check
  • Mobile Friendliness Check
  • Server Check
  • Summary Report


What happens after I've made an order?
First off we will take a look at the site and decide if we can help you or not.
If we accept working for you we will ask for ftp or webpanel access to the site.
The setup phase is as follows:

  1. We go through the technical aspects of the site
  2. We correct any obvious errors (security, SEO etc)
  3. We install reliable backup and security systems
  4. We setup monitoring of uptime and SEO issues
  5. We update any out of date software
  6. Based on our findings we may make suggestions on how you can improve the site
What happens if something breaks?
We take it upon ourselves to always fix issues caused by us updating software or doing any other change. While we can’t be held responsible for lost income we do our utmost to keep you happy.

What is not included in this service?
Changes to the site when it comes to content or web development is not included. You’re always welcome to ask us a question and we will do our best to answer. If you have any development jobs we prioritize working with you as a maintenance plan subscriber compared to other clients. That is because we already have a relationship with you, we know your site inside and out and we have the logins we need. And keeping you happy is the core of our business.

Why are e-commerce sites more expensive?
Taking payments on a site is usually a more complex task.

What if I want to cancel the subscription?
You always pay for one month in advance. You will not be refunded any of that. But you can always cancel any coming payments by yourself.

What are the premium plugins?
Currently we have multisite licenses for a number of popular plugins and themes which you are free to use as long as you are a maintenance plan subscriber. Some examples are Gravity forms, WPML, All in one SEO, BackupBuddy, iThemes Security, WP All import/export, Divi etc.